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Our Mission

Our mission at Get Fit Fly Right is to change how mental health is approached in sports. To provide leaders with strategies that bring self awareness to the forefront of mental hygiene through TAP (The Athlete Project). This development cultivates safe space, and authentic connection that enhances the sport experience for everyone.

- Coach D. Williams, GFFR LLC. Founder

Meet Coach d.


coach d. williams

Founder, Get Fit Fly Right

Coach D. is a dynamic coach with a different approach to most things, unorthodox, effective and salubrious; her aim is to give to the game what she believes it has given her, peace by any means necessary. Mental Hygiene has not always been a part of her approach. After her own bouts with depression, anxiety and death she vowed to be for herself what she was being for her players. Get Fit Fly Right as she describes is her “Bow” and The Athlete Project her “Arrow”.

She began coaching athletics in 2007. Starting as a manager for an afterschool girls basketball team, Coach D. has participated in every sector of the sport over the last 15 years. From coaching her own AAU boys teams, girls high school varsity, coaching co-ed community athletic programs, training at numerous skills camps and invitationals, to event hosting, workshops for team training, coaches training, yoga teaching and live commentary.  


What is TheAthleteProject (TAP)

TheAthleteProject is a Mental Hygiene System for performers that brings self-awareness to the forefront of mental well-being.

AwarenessDevelopmentNormalization • 

533 Meditation 
for energy & focus.
Athletic Yoga
for restoration & rejuvination
TAPtalks Sessions
facilitated conversations that brings self awareness to the forefront of mental health.
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