Introducing a whole new type of athletic training.

Mind + Body = Connection

TheAthleteProject (TAP) trains the athlete to train the mind with the body.


TAPTalks tailor play and motivation into conversations that bring self-awareness to the forefront of mental wellness and performance development.

Be You. Be Seen.


Mind and Body connection training through yoga postures designed for those used to the

athletic experience.

“Coach D Williams has proven to be knowledgeable about the game and the needs of her athletes. During her time at SU camp, she has introduced new styles of coaching and innovative techniques for player development. With her camp teams, she’s employed different fundamental training such as mindfulness practices and exercise systems like yoga, breath training and meditation to help campers improve in all areas of their game.”  

- Jim Boeheim, Head Coach Syracuse

Men’s Basketball Summer Basketball Camp


As a Brooklyn native and basketball coach TheAlthleteProject allows me to authentically marry my culture and craft.

 5 3 3 is all about centering the mind and body for

optimal movement.

As a former athlete who overcame multiple surgeries,

I developed this method to navigate the feelings of anxiety while maintaining a confident mental attitude. 

It's important to note that suffering appears

in many forms.

TheAthleteProject aims to extirpate 

performance suffering due to disconnection.
Athletes connecting with their "Why"  motivates 
movement with intentionality and authenticity. TAP is a project that supports athletes exploring their confidence and design. Strategies to build self awareness and mental hygiene. 

Fun fact

5 3 3 was inspired by my mother, my love for basketball and cartoons such as, ‘The Avatar: The Last Air-bender’ and ‘Kung Fu Panda 1 & 2.