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Mental Toughness IS NOT Mental Health

Get Fit Fly Right

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our Mission

“Our mission at Get Fit Fly Right is to change how mental health is approached in sports. To provide leaders with strategies that bring self awareness to the forefront of mental hygiene. This development cultivates safe space, and authentic connection that enhances the sport experience for everyone."


- Coach D. Williams



To change the approach to wellness, we need a system of mental hygiene that supports everyone. GFFR is dedicated to sharing that system. 

Awareness Development Normalization
of a mental hygiene system for athletes coaches and performers. 

533 Meditation

Is a breath meditation for energy and focused designed for performers to be loud to be quiet to be aware and just breathe. 
“Coach D Williams has proven to be knowledgeable about the game and the needs of her athletes. During her time at SU camp, she has introduced new styles of coaching and innovative techniques for player development. With her camp teams, she’s employed different fundamental training such as mindfulness practices and exercise systems like yoga, breath training and meditation to help campers improve in all areas of their game.”  
Jim Boeheim, Head Coach Syracuse Men’s Basketball Summer Basketball Camp
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